The Stranger Things 怪奇物语

The Stranger Things 怪奇物语

icmovie.clubAugust 5, 2019

The Stranger things , stories line was start back to 1970s. Everything was started in a small town. When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces, and one strange little girl. A company which experiments something, in the end release something which should not be in earth. And because of a girl, things still under control.

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in 2016,  stranger things had released in netflix. The story line was film act 1970s. As you can see actors outfit and fashion and everything was using 1970s stuff. So far there are come with Season 3. Each season come with 8 or 9 episode. The story line was good because it will make you nervours and feel like want to keep watching it. To continue watch the television show in our website, kindly click here

The Stranger Things

there are some character which you need to remember because they are the main story line. Finn Wolfhard act as Mike , Gaten Matarazzo act as Dustin, Caleb Mclaughlin acr as Lucas, & Noah Schnapp act as Will, these 4 kids are the gang which always play around. Next the hero goes with Millie Bobby brown act as Eleven. Well, because of Eleven , all the story began.


the reason why i will recommend this tv shows is because once you start season 1 episode 1, you will keep continue non stop. Story line was good, and the most importantly are those character acting well. When Season 3 is coming soon that time, all the character had been run the whole world to promote their tv shows. i believe stranger thing series tv show is a successful tv shows so far in 2019. well, what can i say more about this tv shows, overall the comment which i can gave is excellent. well done